life changing entrepreneurship

by Frederic MUTABAZI

from UNLEASHED( Potentials in Motion)

Our solution

Unleashed (potentials in motion) is a self-organized and “responsible” environment that let refugees, school dropouts and marginalized youth learn the skills needed for their own enterprises. We have created a self-organized learning space for young Refugees in Nakivale refugee settlement where they are empowered to create their own opportunities by equipping them with entrepreneurship skills, personal discovery and development and come up with sustainable social enterprises and businesses .

What's the business opportunity for host and refugee community

Our self-learning space allows young refugees and marginalized youth in Nakivale (UGANDA)to make a sustainable living out of what they are passionate about by nurturing ideas and change makers to transform their lives and solves challenges in their host communities by taking up responsibilities within the Unleashed model which is really an interaction design in the broadest sense; it's interaction between young refugees from different nationalities that takes responsibility for positive.

How has it been implemented and what impact it had

when selected scholars join the program , they go through a five month intensive training whichconsists of three month incubation workshop called "entrecy"followed by two month in the field where scholars carry out explorary reseach in the community to identify real and pressing needs.Life coaching and mentoring help in their personal and professional growth, until the point of becoming fully independent social enterprenuers and now we have 11 start up project ideas under incubation .

Our Skills and Experience

we are a team of 4 facilitators and 20 scholars. these 4 facilitators among which I am are trained to be trainers and trainers of trainers ,we have life coaching skills and mentoring skills which are the core skills to run Unleashed model. My self i have 1 year of experience in training and life coaching and there is Mr Turatsinze Victor having 3 year of experience as trainer, life coach and mentor .apart from the above Iam equipped with different other skills eg: drowing,poetry,storytelling,..