Our solution

African style production and their shopping. In these days, Africa countries unity is increasing the strength. This means that the unity of African is increasing. The strongest link between people region and community is culture. Through my solution; I need to run a business of producing the African dressing style. In Rwanda is so hard and very expansive to get African dresses. I need the refugees start to produce the dresses of African style and open a shop which sell those styles.

What's the business opportunity for host and refugee community

We are going to create a large market in Africa. The shop will be open to the customers whom need these styles, and those other entrepreneurs who need to purchase. This is opportunity for every one need to purchase. And also we will need the capable persons who will train the refugees how to make the African styles. Then after the products will be sold to either refugees or community members. There will be also the exchange for purchasing raw materials. And salary for employees.

How has it been implemented and what impact it had

Firstly the project will start by training the refugees how to make African style. After getting skills, we will start the business of African style production. In the same time; we will open the shop that sells that style. This solution will help the people who need to wear the African style. It will help the ones who need to purchase those styles. It also it will create a job opportunity to the refugees and host community

Our Skills and Experience

I have university education in electronics and telecommunication. I have extra training in the entrepreneurship and business opportunity analysis. I have experienced in the debate and public talk. I have also an experience in population leadership for large numbered people of the village. I am skilled in team working, group working and conversation.