Kreskas – The multichannel Job-Matching Platform

by Elena Elia

from A.P.S. MiCò

Our solution

Mutual recognition is fundamental for any economic activity, but frequently labour market access for refugees is impeded by prejudice or ignorance of legal framework. Kreskas, the multichannel job-matching platform (Social Media, App, SMS, offline) connects host communities’ business and refugees to promote employment. The digital platform increases the trust between the members by guarantee skills and identity of refugees as well as the labour conditions in local business.

What's the business opportunity for host and refugee community

One major challenge for labour market integration of refugees in Rwanda is the lack of recognition of refugee ID cards and education documents (UNHCR Report 2017). Furthermore, the local economic exchange is prevailed by informal arrangements in the construction sector. Kreskas establishes a transparent portal for local job market by offering: 1) interface for work-seekers (incl. certifications), 2) interface for employer (incl. rating on labour conditions), 3) match-making between both.

How has it been implemented and what impact it had

The platform addresses all communication channels used by host and refugee’s communities. The penetration of mobile phones with access to the internet is increasing in Rwanda and in refugee’s camps. However, applications with minimum data usage are predominant. The backend of the platform brings together the different channels (SMS, social media, WhatsApp, offline) and identifies possible job-matches. Interfaces of the different channels will be created with user centric approaches.

Our Skills and Experience

We are a social start up with focus on refugee’s integration in the Italian agricultural sector.We would like to use this opportunity of the innovation lab to test the scalability of our approach.Our interdisciplinary team covers competences in psychology,social science,economy,agriculture and digitalisation.During the last years,we successfully implemented national and European funded projects.Furthermore,our spin-off “Humus” entered this year the Acceleration Programme “SocialFare” in Turin.