Let refugee thrive not only survive

by Salam Kanhoush

from Talawiet Organisation for Development

Our solution

We envision that a non-profit farm model will be a practical solution to strengthen business exchange in the East of Sudan -local tree crops -seasonal crops with fast-growing agricultural cycle -Animal sheds and Poultry dependent on the Farm The farm is registered at the official authorities and a bank account is established to supply the proceeds. Through an accounting system, the profits are automatically divided And we rely on marketing on the idea of joint work between refugees and hosts

What's the business opportunity for host and refugee community

Our solution is based on combining the work between refugees and hosts The refugees will carry out the production process The hosts will sell and market in local communities We will work to find common sharing in the administrative and financial process between them this will find a market based on the refugees work, and this will attract more attention to them and what can they do with their skills and talents.

How has it been implemented and what impact it had

Refugee do the production process Citizens will do marketing, selling Administrative and financial between refugees and citizens the marketing principle is the income for the refugees and rural communities and we keep develope the farm and maintaine the quality of our products This will leave a strong impression among workers, customers and refugees Due to the unique experiences of the refugees, the products will be of high quality and encourage further trade

Our Skills and Experience

TOD: Talawiet Organization for Development started on 2005 working with rural communities and margenilized groups through Education, Health, Nutrition, Livelihood and initiatives for Refugees we established 50 women farms in Kassala and Red Sea states we partnering with WFP and UNICEF to provide Health services and treatment and provision for malnutrition in rural Kassala and we provide food services for the Refugees in the Camps