To help refugees attain self-reliance and full integration.

by Richard MUGABO

from Golf Montana Solution Ltd

Our solution

Refugees are among the most marginalized groups in society of host communities whereby they are perceived as passive recipients of humanitarian aid which leads to conflicts over food, water, land and inequality in terms of accessing these resources and enjoying their rights and freedoms. Our solution is to start cooperatives invarious livelihood activities and to organize social and cultural eventsin order tostrengthen exchangeand build synergy between refugees and host community.

What's the business opportunity for host and refugee community

Our solution will lead to improved economic and psycho-social well-being. Both sides will become business partners in different economic sectors as refugees will no longer focus on short-term survival but will seek for other priorities such as small or medium businesses, small investments, and etc. Also refugees with both skills and qualifications will not stay unemployed and will no longer work only in low-skilled jobs with earnings below the average.

How has it been implemented and what impact it had

Refugees’ integration into the economic, educational, health, and social contexts which is explained by an improvement in their life conditions and relationship with host communitywill allow refugees to have good social positions (good education, stable job), involvement in economic, social and cultural activities. This will enable interactions, increase opportunities for learning local language and provide the opportunity to build a future and to reduce vulnerability and regain confidence.

Our Skills and Experience

Since the beginning of 2017 to datewe work with low and middle income households to provide them with affordable and sustainable solar home systems and lanterns in rural areas in Rwandan EasternProvince, in Rwamagana, Kayonza and Bugesera Districtswhere access to on-grid energy is a challenge. To respond to lighting needs there is reliance on candles, kerosene lanterns, battery torches as well as firewood. This type of indoor lighting causes indoor pollution and chronic lung problems.