from Rulindo District

Our solution

Dairy and milk collection center. Milk is the richest product, it contain much needs of the people. That is the reason why I have chosen the way of collecting milk and prepare it at good quality. My solution is business which will be done by the refugees. The refugees will collect the flesh milk from the host community. Then after collect; the refugees will use the capable machines to prepare it at the standard quality. And sell the best quality to the host community and the other refugees.

What's the business opportunity for host and refugee community

Raw material of my solution is milk. The refugees will be taking their time to circulate in the community. This will increase the communication between them. My solution will create backward leakage; Refugees will purchase the flesh milk at certain price the after cell the best qualified milk to the community. This will create a strong exchange link between them.

How has it been implemented and what impact it had

The workers will pass in the community collecting milk. Then prepare in with milk collection system. We are going to produce the standardized milk. The refugees will get profit from the business; which will financially transform their lives. And also depending to difficulties of storing cows in the city; this will solve the problem of milk in the urban areas. The final products will also be sold in the city where there is shortage of milk.

Our Skills and Experience

I have Bachelor's degree in entrepreneurship and economics with education. I have the experience of 6 years in education; teaching in secondary school. I have experience in data entry and leadership too. I am in national youth council committee at district level since 2016 till now. Now I am in charge of VUP TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE TO SUPPORT PROJECT ADMINISTRATION in Base Sector. I am a farming business man as I grow pigs and caws in my farm.