Planting for Food and Income Initiative (PFII)

by Emmanuel Kodwo Mensah

from MobiPay AgroSys Limited

Our solution

The Planting for Food and Income (PSFII) model will help MobiPay use Evoucher platform to (i) stimulate sustainable market growth in agricultural inputs and more inclusive for host communities and refugees in Rwanda & (ii) increase the income, food and nutrition security. Thus, MobiPay aims to work with already existing input dealers (Host Community & refugees) and crowd-in new entrants to boost the adoption of quality inputs through discounted coupons, E-extension service & market connection

What's the business opportunity for host and refugee community

• Increase private sector partners (input dealers) expanded operations in targeted geographies (settlements) for increased business; and • Enhance input dealer’s access to relevant data for improved decision-making and strategic planning to effectively drive demand and use of quality inputs. • Increase refugees and host community farmer’s access to and adoption of quality inputs for planting; • Increase farmer’s yields and subsequently increased income and food and nutrition security;

How has it been implemented and what impact it had

It has bee implemented by MobiPay & other partners in the Bidibidi, Parlorinya and Rhino settlements in West Nile, Uganda. In this project, various local input dealers have been identified to sell inputs to refugees and host community farmers on discounted prices via use of coupons. Over 1,000 farmers have been reached, harvested and sold and kept food for household use. 25 input dealers have received over 500 million Ugx worth of inputs sold to farmer & improved extension information access.

Our Skills and Experience

MobiPay has vast experience working with smallholder farmers and partners who have interest in the welfare of Host Communities and Refugees- in context that is similar to the case of Rwanda. Our experiences include agricultural value chain analysis, research and designing of appropriate technologies that helps address agricultural value chain pain points and ensure safe, secured and convenient payments to farmers and other value chain actors.