Journey to self-reliance

by MUGABO Jean Paul

from Individual Google(Search NGARA Camp and KIGEME CAMP)

Our solution

My solution focused on Agriculture and livestock whereby Government can avail some land hectares space for refugees to start growing tea and other items,Fish farm,etc and TVET for youth in camp(including Haircut,electricity,welding,Carpentry to enhance lifestyle for refugees.AGASEKE for women in camp it will be a golden gift as there are many company exporting AGASEKE and other handcrafts.Beside,financial window for he refugees will be a new tool as they have no physical guarantees.

What's the business opportunity for host and refugee community

They will gain money and buy whatever they want and host communities will buy items in CAMP SHOWROOM whereby refugees stock their finished items.

How has it been implemented and what impact it had

It will be implemented as it was done in other areas whereby government start to limit budget for prisons and think how it they can make money while they are jailed in other I have also considered NGARA Camp for agriculture.TVET for youth in Rwanda by delivering to them equipment not cash I think this also will be applied in CAMP.

Our Skills and Experience

I have bachelor's degree in management and I was certified in entrepreneurship by REGENT UNIVERSITY.I participated in HANGA UMURIMO for inception phase to encourage people create employment.