Producing Local & Customary Products

by Mohammad Abdul Hamid Wasiq

from Destiny Consultancy Services Company

Our solution

My Solution is " Producing Local & Custom Products" Since the refugees are travelling from neighbor or other countries far from the host country, they have some local knowledge of producing their countries products. As instance the Turkish people are famous in producing hand carpets and their carpets are in top degree in the world, so if we have a shop of producing the carpets that is made by Turkish immigrant it would help both sides (immigrant and host country). Same examp for other countries.

What's the business opportunity for host and refugee community

As I indicated in illustration, when the immigrants are producing unique products the will attract the local sellers, national and international investors attention. The investors will invest their money for mechanizing process to find more products in less time, this will help 3 sides (Refugees, Investors and the County Economy). So it will impact a large area and might have some other impacts like creating jobs for the countrymen of the host countries.

How has it been implemented and what impact it had

The main pillars for this solution are the Refugees (Producers), Investors (Sellers) and the Government. My solution surrounds a large area where it effects the other parts of economy. As I mentioned it will create jobs for the host country also with a wider vision maybe the export trades would be happen if the project is going to be succeed.

Our Skills and Experience

I had worked with entrepreneurs of my country and I am as well an entrepreneur. We had a detailed training of incubates where the business incubates were going to develop their ideas to a business and create the job for other people of the country. I was one of those incubates that established a company and did own business.