Couples Entrepreneurs Refugees – not a burden but a solution

by Laura Gayoso

from CEFE Venezuela

Our solution

Trough CEFE Methodology training program, the CEFE Camping for Couples Entrepreneurs, during a 4 days training, couples not only will get the tools needed to become entrepreneurs as a business development, but also a committed citizens with capability of making sustainable solutions being a couple that understands the importance of adding value to the community they are now residing, avoiding being a burden.

What's the business opportunity for host and refugee community

By strengthening the inmigran entrepreneur couples, and helping them to develop as entrepreneurs by being formed trough CEFE Methodology. This couples will be able to contribute to the economy and society of the country they are living in as refugees, the program will give the tools needed to grow a new economy system by making them as active business people that in a short to mid term can open job positions and help to the employability of the country when their business starts to grow.

How has it been implemented and what impact it had

Currently in Venezuela, this program had a very good acceptance specially due to the current critical economic situation. In Venezuela many professionals are resigning to start a business in most cases a family business. We had trained 40 couples last 2017 having great results on their entrepreneurs, testimonials can be very inspiring, some have already a stablished business with a very positive rentability even with the current situation in Venezuela.

Our Skills and Experience

The directors of CEFE Venezuela are a couple that speaks from their experience as a Couple Entrepreneur. Both developed the organization CEFE Venezuela and are CEFE Master Trainers formed by CEFE Chile and after coming back to Venezuela trained so far 70 CEFISTAS. With a close partnership with CEFE International which is our headquarters, we are a team making things happen and embracing each opportunity to support by our experience and get knowledge from new experiences.