Refugee Investment Network: Investing in Refugees

by Joanne Ke Edelman

from Refugee Investment Network

Our solution

The Refugee Investment Network (RIN) is the first impact investing and blended finance collaborative dedicated to creating long-term solutions to global forced migration. The RIN is a specialized investment intermediary that facilitates the movement of capital from commitment to active investment by sourcing, structuring, and supporting the financing of projects and companies that benefit refugees and host communities.

What's the business opportunity for host and refugee community

The RIN aims to bridge the gap between the untapped investment potential of refugee entrepreneurs and refugee-supporting businesses and capital markets to spur economic growth, create jobs, and increase socio-economic stability among displaced people. RIN provides its members with three core offerings: (1) Research, (2) Facilitation, and (3) Policy + Advocacy

How has it been implemented and what impact it had

Over the past few months, RIN has already secured over $200M in new investment commitments for refugees and forcibly displaced people. The team is currently building a prototype platform, which will be launched in 2019 Q1. The platform will connect investors (traditional, philanthropic, and government) with investable refugee deals (refugee-owned, refugee-operated, or refugee-supporting businesses).

Our Skills and Experience

The RIN draws upon a depth of knowledge built on over 100 interviews with investors, humanitarians, development finance professionals, entrepreneurs, and displaced people to understand the primary barriers to refugee investing and how existing efforts are overcoming them. These new investments will aim to improve the lives of the refugees as well as the host communities that both struggle with their own challenges and endure significant burdens while supporting displaced people.