Business Model for Host Community by empowering Refugees

by Mohammed Mamun Rashid


Our solution

We will built a manufacturing Industry divided into three units. They are garments, food and furniture. It will be completely an integrated system where buyers and producers will be working as a team. The buyers are the host community and producer are the refugee communities. Also, an online platform will be created where international buyer, retailer, wholesaler and manufacturer will be integrated in the system. Refugees can independently work as free lancer.

What's the business opportunity for host and refugee community

The host community have shops for Clothes, Furniture and food products. There will be supply chain management among the retailers, wholesalers and this manufacturing industry. Also, the online platform where these products will be showcased will attract international buyers. In this way there will be long term business transaction between host and refugee communities. This will also motivate many new young entrepreneurs to join business. Also, people from the host country can work in workforce.

How has it been implemented and what impact it had

It has been implemented individually as business in Bangladesh. It was mainly operated as a private company. The food business has been succesful. The textile industry is growing very well. The furniture business is in trial period. This created jobs for hundreds of people. Man/woman of age 18-50 are working in the labor force.It is easy to train so people of from different age gap can work. It empowered hundresds of women and man.We made them economically independent and ensured a better life.

Our Skills and Experience

Our company Albeny has been manufacturing products for last twenty years. We have a very efficient management team. We have experts who can train efficiently to beginner.We have very good merchandisers who can source international buyers for the garments factory.We have a very good human resource for food production, garments and furniture.We worked in distributing aid in Rohingya Refugee camp.We have successful business model which will empower the people of the host country and refugee camp.