The Alternative Camp, where you are welcomed as you are!

by SongĂĽl Kayabasi

from CIM

Our solution

Integration of refugees into the local community should be holistic; a healthy living environment is as important as productivity. The Alternative Camp serves from green living area until market and future market needs (tech) workshops with a tight link to local, regional and int. businesses. The Alternative Camp is the place where refugees and locals share spaces/topics and happiness. Relationships’ are built on a constructive and inclusive approach, language of love and positive encouragement

What's the business opportunity for host and refugee community

Corporate leaders, city councils and civil societies in Ruanda and in the region are called on to provide inclusive job training, employment opportunities, and direct assistance. In order to create responsibilities of the businesses the workshops in the Alternative Camp should be set up in cooperation with businesses to educate and train their own future employees. Multi partnerships assess the competencies and skills of participants (participants are from refugee and host communities).

How has it been implemented and what impact it had

Bringing cross sectors together, such as Local authorities, private companies, NGOs, Developmental organizations (UNDP, GIZ etc.) will make the structure of the vocational training workshops at the Camp strong and sustainable. The Alternative Camp should be governed by a system of direct participatory democracy, where the individual (refugee and host community) can directly influence issues and events regarding the Camp. Int. and local volunteers are also foreseen in the implementation process.

Our Skills and Experience

"Alternative life association" held many social integration camps emphasizing on inclusion, equality and accessibility in different cities of Turkey with int. volunteers for 20 years. This experience comes with a set of skills such as organizing, communicating and cooperating with the local communities and authorities on site in order the project to be sustainable and impactful. "Ayder" set the standards and know-how of voluntarism in Turkey and now scaling up to serve globally.