Production line -Business club-Community comittee

by Ahmed Salmoun


Our solution

Firstly, I called it the production line that it depends on selecting someone from the host community to lead skillful refugees in specific industry. His/Her role is to manage and outreach orders by marketing and to be the bridge for them to the host communities. In addition, the Business club for the refugees and host community which is a periodically gathering for the refugees and someone expert or community leader to discuss and share new ideas or specific topics about the challenges.

What's the business opportunity for host and refugee community

-It could be the bridge to access the market. -the first step of the integration between the host community and the refugees. -The first step for forming a community committee from the refugees and community leaders for the protection and business procedures.

How has it been implemented and what impact it had

I am working in the livelihood field since 2014 with Egyptians and refuges. I tried once the impact of the production line between an Egyptian woman and a Sudanese sewer woman and the result reached the Europe not only the host community because of the quality of their products someone asked to buy from them from France for her shop. Business club helped to raise the awareness for the host community that the refugees are not dis benefit for their community as they are helping in the economic

Our Skills and Experience

I am working in the livelihood field since 2014 with Egyptians and refuges till now in helping them to start their businesses or joining a suitable job. I was a business trainer and a facilitator for the refugees children.