The Breeding of Laying Hens

by herve landry irakoze


Our solution

My solution is the breeding of laying hens in this sector is booming. And for good reason: eggs and poultry meat are in high demand on the market. In the face of insufficient supply, producers star t raising laying hens or establishing hatcheries.

What's the business opportunity for host and refugee community

These chickens has good manure they will sell it on host community and refugees will need to buy food other chicken needs and other needs in host Community.

How has it been implemented and what impact it had

This solution will change the life of the refugee camp and prevent them from waiting for funds from everywhere, which will prevent them from crossing their arms, for this solution the refugees will have the chance to pay the school fees for their children, to pay the fees in case of emergency .The Rwandan community will benefit in this case they will give refugees the foods of chickens for money not for free.

Our Skills and Experience

My experience is that I made this breeding laying hens in my native country (I am of Burundian nationality) with this breeding laying hens. I have bought two cows and a motorcycle that makes the transport through this breeding. I have not forgotten that I started with a capital of 25,000 thousand Burundian francs, that is to say 6 laying hens.