Systematic Approach To Hairstyling For Refugees

by Silas Adaramola

from Adras Silassilva

Our solution

The refugees should be taught how to style hair for unisex by bringing in professionals to train them on hairstyling or any other handmade skill. The host communities should provide a unisex hairstyling program in uptowns of different cities and deploy refugees yearly afterwhich they are allowed to go set up an enterprise of their choice. The host community set up a saving scheme for the space of time they are deployed, helping them to save all or a percentage of their income for the year.

What's the business opportunity for host and refugee community

Business exchange will be strenghtened during the time they will be deployed to work in different cities on a random basis. The general citizens too will be involved. The citizens would patronize this program as a way of supporting the refugees through getting values for donating The service fee will be on a limited fee but on a flexible rate as you are allowed to pay more for the service rendered at your wish. They will be educated on tax paying and they will do this throughout the year

How has it been implemented and what impact it had

They were being trained by professionals on hair styling for unisex. Then those who have undergone the training and are good at hair styling, they started offering same to those who need the service in uptowns of the host community as the government provided an enabling environment for them to start up and get paid monthly. After a year of recruitment and getting along, they are freed to have a place of their own so that new refugees can also be deployed. This triggers them to be focused.

Our Skills and Experience

I am a Project Management Consultant, Creative Analyst and Strategist. I have managed projects for both local and international organizations like the recent project I worked on in the IDP Camp in Abuja for an International Organization from Japan. I have also strategized for prominent organization like the #NotTooYoungToRun Movement before the bill was assented by the President of Nigeria. Creatively collated and analyzed data for the US Government Exchange Alumn Association YALI RLC