Akazi Kiyosike: a host community-refugee job kiosk

by Ayodele Ayeni

from Integride Solutions

Our solution

Akazi Kiyosike is a simple one-stop job kiosk that connects the host communities with refugees through work opportunities and placement. Residents of the host community submits the work which they needed to be done, including other relevant details like type of work, location, wage range, number of workers needed etc. Then a match is made from the database of refugees who have already registered with the kiosk for service provision.

What's the business opportunity for host and refugee community

Akazi Kiyosike strengthens mutual economic symbiotic relationship through provision of work opportunities by the host communities and service provision by the refugees. Both parties will undertake to respect the terms and conditions of the engagement thereby promoting mutual respect and providing a ground for repeated service.

How has it been implemented and what impact it had

A couple of similar ideas exist but mostly for skilled refugees and through online platforms. Akazi Kiyosike is all-inclusive and removes the burden of online usage. The kiosk does all the connections on behalf of the community and the refugee. A kiosk manager is employed and trained from the host community or refugee camp. It provides the refugees with an opportunity to earn a decent living and become self-reliant from the additional income. The host communities are assured of a steady labor.

Our Skills and Experience

I have 7 years in ICT providing logistics support and project management services. I have had the opportunity to volunteer and intern with local NGOs and other international NGOs such as Health Poverty Action (HPA) and UNICEF Rwanda performing tasks in communication and advocacy, training, and field supervision. I run a pet project (The Bridge Project) that supports Early Childhood Education in remote communities. I am a team player, a value-builder and an excellent contributor.