Bitmal: The ultimate marketplace for social good

by Redha Alhaidar

from Bitmal

Our solution

BitMal’s purpose is to incentivize and fund social ventures by enabling those with skills, talents and ability but no financial capital to contribute to social change while simultaneously enabling those with financial capital to contribute to the cause and to those with the abilities and skills to further the cause. Using the abilities of block-chain technology to transform the typical philanthropic social contract into a self executing smart contract, value trading systems, and digital assets

What's the business opportunity for host and refugee community

The bitmal system introduces a new framework that redefines the relationship between the community, its members, and other stakeholders. Its theory of change is that in order to achieve scalable impact we need collective action. It allows for a dynamic interaction between refugees, communities, and beyond. Bitmal mission is to create a socio/financial ecosystem that rewards positive actions by people and facilitate contributing to societal good in a transparent and measurable manner.

How has it been implemented and what impact it had

The bitmal experiment is at its early stages. We just run an initial experiment at a refugee camp in Amman with one of the NGOs on the ground. Our initial findings were: 1- More engement from community members wether the youth or the senior citizens. 2- An economic multiplyer impact resulting from using the cryptocurrency. 3- Issues that was prioritized by the community were not on the top of the NGO's list. 4- A dynamic fruitful interaction between different members of the community.

Our Skills and Experience

Maters in Public Adminstration and Public Policy from Harvard University. During my school time i was heading the Arab cocus at the Kennedy School. Board Member of one of the largest foundations in the Middle East, Supervising a number of civic engagement programs. Plenty of volunteering actitivies with local communities and foundations in my country. Background in grass root lobbying. Conducted a campaign on the ground to change some of the issues that was annoying my community successfuly.