INVESTING in successful business in FINANCE and as MANPOWER!


from University of Rwanda

Our solution

ARMS JOINT; through my solution, I want to join Arms of the refugees and those of the successful business owners in the community. My solution is flexible for every country, but I have focused on the pilot country RWANDA. We have to use the occasion of made in RWANDA Program.Through my solution, we will join the refugees and Cooperative URUNGANO which make Bags, dustbins, hats and other materials in the Apparent trunk of Bananas. and is one won YOUTH CONNECT AWARD 2018 in eastern province.

What's the business opportunity for host and refugee community

In Rwanda; there is program of made in RWANDA strengthening, This increase the customers of the products originated in the country. this product also represent the culture of RWANDA, the Rwandans will be so grade to see refugees making products represent the culture of RWANDA. also the raw material as Banana apparent trunk will be purchased from the community; which will highly strengthen the Exchange. This will not only increase the exchange with Rwandans but also the foreign exchange.

How has it been implemented and what impact it had

In the activities performed by cooperative URUNGANO as explained in the YOUTH CONNECT AWARD by Nyirarukundo Speciose the Representative of cooperative. There include SKILLS SHARING, where they teach others. My solution will increase the friendship and cooperation between refugees and host community. it is also more profitable because there is expandable market in RWANDA, USA,ITALIAN,GHANA and CHINA. and are not capable to feed it at all. the environment will be protected by diminishing plastics.

Our Skills and Experience

I have university education in electronics and telecommunication. I have extra training in the entrepreneurship and business opportunity analysis. I have experienced in the debate and public talk. I have also an experience in population leadership for large numbered people of the village. I am skilled in team working, group working and conversation.