Togther we can be better!

by Veton Kastrati

from Values for Better Future No

Our solution

My solution between imigrants and host people is to exchange thir skills and create a social enterpruner company. For example they can be in cousine, handcraft,language, technology, education and others. This will be a great chance to start something new and not done before. Because together with people go also different skills, abilitis and cultural tradition that can be used and also be benefit for the community.

What's the business opportunity for host and refugee community

It can strength by exchanging their experiences, skills and tradition. It will be a good mix of abilities through different cultural backgrounds and it strength the capacity of the service, production and also it gives the possibility to adopt faster and understand each other better.

How has it been implemented and what impact it had

The solution can be implemented together with hoat families talking with each other and starting new way of working, sharing skills and creating together depended on their skills and needs. They can be as a small companies, medium or large.

Our Skills and Experience

I have been working as a teacher in my city also have worked in NGOs to support the community. I dont have any experience with migration but we were as imigrant during the war in Kosovo. And I have heared different stories that Kosovo's immigrant have exchanged their skills with hosts of Albania especially in cousine, food and langauge.