Mushroom business as refugees life solutions and believable

by Jonathan ABIJURU

from Self working

Our solution

Mushroom business grows up the economics and sustainable Refugees' life. Every people can run this business and it is a business require a small investment, occupier small place and in only two weeks you eat and sell mushroom at market . firstly mushroom is a food which help to make better life, mushroom push other vitamins to perform their tasks in human body and blood movement, helps child to grows up. The life of refugees in camp always are in danger that why mushroom are only best solution.

What's the business opportunity for host and refugee community

Mushroom business may serve both refugees and host communities as a life back up in better nutrition standard as required. Mushroom business can be an direct solution to help in netter nutrition, economic development of whole refugees because it fill the gaps of poverty, and can also help to fight against poverty in short time. Imagine business gives profits in one months can be exact the one we need to serve Refugees life and host communities.

How has it been implemented and what impact it had

This business doesn't take a long time to be implemented and it doesn't require a higher capitals to invest. simple, it is to show them the process and give to them the mushroom tubes which will produce mushroom. after that they will be able to do it their-selves so that they will find a food and send products to the markets. for this , no malnutrition impact will be found again and mushroom will be their better solution for even future life.

Our Skills and Experience

Even if i am an IT guy, i am very experienced in this business of mushroom. myself i have knowledge of making that mushroom tubes and i know how it is processed in order to give a product. it had a powerful impact on people life from my sector where i have given to them the free mushroom tubes and shown how can be processed either in cultivation and even in cooking. this action has been provable with executives secretary of cell and Sector because.