talent training school

by Kai En Ma


Our solution

Training courses and workshop for dancing and music available for both host and refugee population in order to increase their skills and provide them opportunities to go beyond the bounders of the local community and increase means of income generating activities in area of sudden increase of population.

What's the business opportunity for host and refugee community

Training courses and workshop of different talents, e.g. dancing, singing, and cooking, equip both populations with extra skills for both tourism purpose and means of going out. This kind of training could be promoted to the larger population, in the forms of workshop and special events for examples. This kind of activities could help both populations to mix and mingle better in order to reduce conflict by sudden change of population and the misunderstanding of different cultures.

How has it been implemented and what impact it had

Events and activities like flash mob, street performance and cultural immerse programs, and culture performances in various locations have been popular all around the world and they are important for cultural exchange.

Our Skills and Experience

The organizer has volunteering experience in being a coordinator for event planning in a NGO, and internship and volunteering experience in countries in different parts of the world especially for local scale of NGOs.