soap recycling art

by Kai En Ma

from uni

Our solution

Collection of unfinished soap from hotels and recycling them into creative art pieces creates another source of income and at the same time reduce environmental impact. People who are interested in and have passion in creating art pieces with available resources are perfect candidates for this, no matter they are from refugee group or the host community. They are responsible to recycle, recreate and remake used soap into atheistic and stylist soap.

What's the business opportunity for host and refugee community

Increase the awareness of environment impact and sustainable development for local population, especially in the context of increased population with limited resources. Increase means of livelihood for both refugee group and host community. In general, women are more dedicated into details, could take responsibility of this task, while men could be in charge with marketing and communication, which could help to equalize rights between man and woman.

How has it been implemented and what impact it had

This kind of market value chain has been implemented in other parts of the world with other population groups. For example, it has been implemented in a school for people are mentally retarded. The sold soap could contribute partly to support their school funding.

Our Skills and Experience

Personal experience of volunteering in the school for mentally retarded students inspired to promote this kind of environmental friendly market value chain to other population groups.