Digital solution for menstrual awareness



Our solution

In Rwanda, woman works in different activities, but unfortunately period limit them. UNICEF statistics indicate that estimated 1-4 girls in Rwanda miss school every month because of menses. Our solution is a user friendly web application that enable exchange business between the suppliers and women in need of sanitary pads. Local suppliers uploads products, when a women made an order, the supply team deliver them at doorstep not later than 24 hours.

What's the business opportunity for host and refugee community

The project is not yet implemented in refugee camp, but it is a scalable project. There are so many local entrepreneurs who sells pads in refugees camps, the system enable them to post their hygienic products and then, women in need of them, make order. Finally the products delivered.

How has it been implemented and what impact it had

The implementation of the project require to access a website , it takes few steps: 1. Add a product in cart 2. Enter shipping address 3. select payment method or cash by delivery In 24 hours the supply team deliver the product in doorstep This help the women to manage their time, there is no need to walk kilometers to buy pads, It reduce the number of girls who left their studies because of period. It help women to stay wealthy with convenience and wellbeing. It encourage business exchange.

Our Skills and Experience

Our team is composed of software developer, user experience designer and one pharmacist.