Castanea Henryi Trees Planting Project - Grain & Timber

by Gang Chen

from Xinjiang Shawan Oasis Sustainable Development Institute

Our solution

The castanea henryi tree is an excellent kind of tree with great economic value. It grows in mountain regions with a temperature range between -16 celsius degrees and 41 celsius degrees, therefore it is suitable to be planted in a large scale in Ruwanda. Castanea henryi fruit (nut) is a kind of grain with high nutritional value, which can be introduced to Ruwanda to help reduce the grain and food shortage problem there, castanea henryi tree stem are also quality timber for various purposes.

What's the business opportunity for host and refugee community

Refugees can use hillside lands to plant Castanea henryi trees´╝îthe castanea henryi nuts can be sold to host communities as a kind of grain or raw materials used to make various foods, highly matured castanea henryi tree stems can be sold to host communities to make various wooden products. In consequence, refugees engaging in planting castanea henryi trees can have stable income to buy more other products and services from host communities.

How has it been implemented and what impact it had

People planting castanea henryi trees receive stably increasing income from this planting business in southern China. On each piece of hillside land with an area of 660 square meters covered by fruit (nut) bearing castanea henryi trees, the annual harvested nuts can be sold for about 440US$ in 2018. Incomes from selling highly mature castanea henryi tree stems and branches are even much higher. Besides generating sustainable income, this solution also bring great environmental benefits.

Our Skills and Experience

I have been leading and attending the castanea henryi trees planting project for more than 7 years, I and my team members can provide a turn-key solution for the establishment of the castanea henryi trees planting industry including the breeding of seedlings of castanea henryi trees, the daily management of planting, the fruit (nut) harvest management and the processing of harvested nuts. We also provide advice on the utilization of the timber from highly matured castanea henryi trees.