Helping refugees to share their talents and innovations


from Wiconn

Our solution

This is a web platform that will help refugees to share their experiences, talents and innovations with host community especially in business side or job opportunities and get sponsored. in this platform any refugee can be able to post or upload the photo that describe his/her experience or talent on website and a short description of something he /she can do.

What's the business opportunity for host and refugee community

refugees will be able to submit their numbers, addresses(refugee camp), and e-mails so that the host communities can communicate with them easily. this is will strengthen the refugees in terms of getting their products to be sold with host communities. with this platform any host community wherever is located can be able to access the refugees products and detect upcoming talents.

How has it been implemented and what impact it had

We have implemented this by developing this web application which is user friendly to every refugee so that they can upload their products and connect with host communities without any challenge, The impact of this platform is that the refugees will be able to monetize their products and put them on market so that host communities with be able to purchase those products, the platform will emphasize a better communication between refugees and host communication and self reliant

Our Skills and Experience

We have developed bunch of systems for local communities The following are the area where we developed useful solutions which was needed 1. We developed automated communication channel system between meteo Rwanda and midimar so that they can be able to communication easily 2. We have also developed early warning system which will be used with midimar to alert population in high risk zone by using IOT(Internet Of Things) 3. We have developed also e commerce of here in Rwanda (