suncube - sustainable energy for everyone - forever

by Jan Hoffmann

from suncube foundation

Our solution

We promote fair and decentralized energy production, thereby creating better living conditions and a sustainable use of resources. Thus we create improved economic foundations, basic medical care as well as education and communication. Due to the high and continuous performance of the suncubes, we create secure supply of electricity. The suncube is not only suitable for households, but also for smaller businesses, and SunCube assists final users with the development of a business model.

What's the business opportunity for host and refugee community

These benefits are a decisive step towards sustainable agriculture, industrialization and digitization of the community in structurally weak regions. The suncubes are operated and maintained by the local population, especially by women. Suncubes provide help for self-help. The suncube can be used to operate all commercially available electrical appliances, including pumps for irrigation and drinking water systems, refrigerators (for example, medication refrigeration) as well as craft tools.

How has it been implemented and what impact it had

The first two suncubes were assembled in Mali in June 2018 and reliably produce sustainable electricity for a biological agriculture project and a training center for sustainable agriculture. The impact on the community is increased food security due to less loss of crops, higher quality of production of food and higher revenues on the market when selling their products. This increases their economic situation and offers the resources to send children to school or the hospital.

Our Skills and Experience

Suncube is a foundation from Basel, Switzerland. Within our team, the foundation has photovoltaic experts, an economist and an architect for the design as well as technical input from the president of the Global Footprint Network from the US. We can create with sustainable, reliable, cost-effective electricity production and distribution fair living conditions. The suncube foundation ensures the building of capacity and business development by the end-users and know-how and technology transfer.