In Dreams Kitchen there is no barriers for anyone.

by Birce Abaci

from Dreams Kitchen

Our solution

Dreams Kitchen is a social enterprise providing food products, ateliers and services while creating job opportunities for socially disadvantaged people such as disabled, people who have nutritive diseases ,refugees, have independent living. Every people with or without barriers must have chance for earning their own income. Skill developments, special trainings, chef skills and food sector’s hints&tip are provided to people with disabilities by specialized volunteer trainers.

What's the business opportunity for host and refugee community

Turkey Vodafone Foundation and UNDP Turkey are the most important supporters of the Dreams Kitchen. Dreams Kitchen is in the ASHOKA network and as many non-profit organizations. These non-profits get services from kitchen rather than other food services. We have strong connections with several local and international corporate companies and working with them in their social responsibility projects. And also we are currently working for a project about refugee employment project in hotels.

How has it been implemented and what impact it had

Through 6 years, we have educated more than 100 students. Now 3 of them currently working in our kitchen. Our aim is to widen our effect and work with many other disadvantaged ones and make them to have a regular job.

Our Skills and Experience

Currently Dreams Kitchen is located in a building provided by Ataşehir Municipality in İstanbul. Through 6 years, we have worked with several private sector companies, schools and universities. We are experienced with binding disadvantaged people and community together. We are professional about educating the disadvantaged ones and make them confident and make ready them to have a professional kitchen job.