Proposal to Support Syrian Refugee who want to go back home

by Shadi Ali

from OWLWO Global GmbH

Our solution

Proposal for Syrian refugees and displaced people in Syria

What's the business opportunity for host and refugee community

The “Cluster Unit Production” Model will help us to build small and medium production units of about 20 to 100 employees located in different region within Syria. They will have different final products depending on the local resources. Products could be, dairy products, olive oil, tomato sauce or industrial products like textiles, petrochemical products or other production that need more specific production technology.

How has it been implemented and what impact it had

As described above, a pilot of two clusters in textile and food production have been started in 2017. The main beneficiaries from this project will be: Youth between 15-22 years who had left school because of the war and need vocational training. Women who lost their husbands and don’t have a job or resources to support their living. Displaced people who had to leave their cities and Refugees who want to return to Syria

Our Skills and Experience

I am Shadi Ali, a Syrian Economist, live in Mannheim Germany, I was lucky to be supported by DAAD and GIZ to finish a program with Marburg University in “Economic Change in the Arab Region“ with a Master Degree, and anther Master degree in Financial Analyst, I have a consultant Office for international Trade and economic development for the Middle East in Mannheim. my Experience in this domain is more than 15 years.