Matrix refugees

by Ahmed Abdrawaf

from N/A

Our solution

Hello , I would like to describe a solution precisely about African refugees in the host community or even trance station countries such libya . Libya receiving thousant different immigrants per year , they used libya as a temporary station and then they go to Europe through the see , and from Italy to germany and other EU countries and no government in this world can control and prevent the immigration, therefore the host communities or the transit countries should benifit from thos people who

What's the business opportunity for host and refugee community

If the host community used the refugees in the country for instance : using the plumer , nurse , builder , handyman et cetera , by using all those people the economic will be stronger because a lot of things will be cheap . For example ; in libya , a lot of refugees are in detention centers , if libya state start to filtrate those people to figure out who is professional as plumer , professional as a nurse , as mechanic , maintains , ,,, those people (immigrants) are so useful to help and impro

How has it been implemented and what impact it had

regarding to Libya and This proposal still in Draft and we need the EU to support this project, so still not implemented yet , The impact will be significant whether for the host community, transit country or refugees , I just need more space to write the proposal with all details.

Our Skills and Experience

I am an active and motivated with the NGOs since 8 years in libya with a lot of missions and trainings abroad. And I have very good relations with the local authorities and international partners such as german embassy and GIZ libya. So im confident that I can implement this project very well.