Rural Electrification for Economic and Social Development

by Karl Kolmsee

from Smart Hydro Power

Our solution

We have developed a rural electrification package with hybrid generation sources (PV and hydro-kinetic) and a standard interface to 3 phase electrical devices like pumps or mills which do support productive use of electricity. The solution comes pre-wired and is standardized in 5 kW modules which can be upscaled up to 50 kW with no other engineering necessary than wiring up the modules. Different from other electrification packages this package is mainly centered around the productive use.

What's the business opportunity for host and refugee community

As the solution allows food processing or other economic activities which are not possible without electricity and thereby strengtens economic growth it gives the platform for an exchange between refugees and their host communities. As electrification brings new employment and more employment our solution does set off the competition for jobs which does exist if refugees come into a steady economic situation.

How has it been implemented and what impact it had

Our solution is not developed specifically for refugee - host communities, it is facilitating sustainable rural electrification. Our core market is Colombia with millions of natinal refugees due to the civil war and lately refugees from Venezuela. In Colombia it is implemented in Caqueta (Amazon) area to allow local communities develop new economic activities. In the specific case this is a community house for food processing and electric fluvial transport. A project in Choco is in preparation.

Our Skills and Experience

Smart hydro Power has a track record in trainings for apropriation of technology. We do bring technology but more important we enable the people to use, install, maintain the technical solution and enhance the usage in their communities. Our trainings always address men and women even though "technology" is still in many culture a male topic. We strictly follow a train the trainer approach as we strongly believe in technology and knowledge transfer.