Refugeefinance, business between host and refugee community

by Basir Ahmad Hamaid

from GIZ Afghanistan

Our solution

Refugeefinance is a trustable tie between both host and refugee communities which leads to local businesses’ startups. Afghanistan has one of the largest refugee population in the world, but in the meanwhile employment opportunity of returnees and war IDPs (Internally displaced persons) is the key major challenge which Afghanistan is facing. Whither I established my local lending business since Dec 2017 and currently have six IDPs & returnee clients with total of 150000 AFN/<2000 USD in lent.

What's the business opportunity for host and refugee community

The host community will invest in a right and trustable place and this tie will be granted by host refugee council. Refugees will be provided with loans for business opportunities, whither it is not possible to access Commercial & Microfinance Banks because of their restrictions and high interest rates. The local loans will be available with a low interest rate, because the whole procedure will be managed directly by lenders and there will not be any extra charges to keep interest rates high.

How has it been implemented and what impact it had

It is an easy business, related trainings regarding intercultural communication, microfinance &business opportunities will be held to make trust between both parties and encouraging host community to invest and lend money to refugees to start their open street market businesses. Both parties will be entered as a lender and borrower in a special developed database and the refugees/borrowers will be assigned with a unique ID by host refugee council and will hold their own ID cards.

Our Skills and Experience

I have diploma degrees in Business Administration and Medical Technology. Certifications in Microfinance by MISFA (Microfinance Investment Support Facility for Afghanistan) and Information Technology. Started my career in 2002 and have more than 16 years’ experience with different National and International institutions. Winner of 2011 CIPE Global Editorial Cartoon Competition in Gender Equality over the world from 73 countries and donated cash prize to Afghan Red Crescent Society.