The engagement of refugees in the labor market in HC

by Randa Al-Hashimi

from GIZ

Our solution

HC should be able without hesitation to host refugees and let them play an active and vital role in participating effectively in the society. By doing so, refugees will have a golden opportunity to be more integrated and productive. The Solution should start on a Supply and demand that starts from the HCs by creating an application or a website to be used first as an assessment for the market’s needs, then to be linked by a developed and updated refugees’ data base with their qualifications.

What's the business opportunity for host and refugee community

Thinking as a refugee, I hope that the host committee would welcome me to be an active and valuable role player and not having xenophobia towards me. By which cultural and experiences exchange will start developing in the society and helping refugees to be part of the community by opening new sectors/ fields in the market or businesses to serve refugees. Refugees usually accept hard/tough jobs locals’ don’t accept especially in the educated communities which will enhance local integration.

How has it been implemented and what impact it had

Creating or developing an application to be used by different business sectors with a strong refugees’ data base, selecting vacancies in each sector where refugees can occupy based in their experiences. Local NGOs can play an important role to give refugees inductions and/or specific training on the host communities’ culture and the market needs. Refugees will be financially dependent and not relying on the public living fund and this can lead to make them tax payers. It's a win win relation.

Our Skills and Experience

I volunteered in many self arranged campaigns for IDPs and orphans , playing a role by calculating budgets and distributing food and non food items to improve their living.