Refugees will be trained how to create activities like craft


from University of Rwanda, College of Education

Our solution

The solutions will connect knowledge, skills and experience on both sides which must lead to the development for all sides. The education is important key for those solutions It is divided into 3types: -Informal education -Formal education -Non formal education All those 3types are needed for all sides of refugees and host communities in order to develop their daily life. training like craft ship,tailing,mechanics, hairdressing,grazing small animals like hens,weaving , saving and in fashion.

What's the business opportunity for host and refugee community

Those solutions will help refugees to make friends in the country that hosts them because those activities they will do will cause them to meet others like doing small businesses through being customers and sellers. If they are supported well to create businesses slow by slow, their businesses will grow then they will give taxes to government as its revenue, the wise people will think that those ones who are giving taxes, they contribute more in development of the country. cooperation

How has it been implemented and what impact it had

Through training the workers of UNHCR of Rwanda, non-government organizations through MIDIMAR (Ministry of Disaster Management and Refugees) trained those refugees how they could do small businesses, so now some are sellers and are supported in different manner such as being given licenses and identity card of refugees for traveling across the country and outside. In camps of refugees in Rwanda like Kigeme and Mahama MIDIMAR and UNHCR set up the schools o facilitate their children to learn .

Our Skills and Experience

From all different camps /sites of refugees must be supported in different manners like taking into account of basic needs such as shelter, food, clothes and water. Setting up for them the medical insurance which must be done in each camp of refugees by the support of the governments that host them in great partnership with UNHCR. I really know it because many of my family members were refugees, I went there to visit them. controlling refugees to avoid environmental degradation in their camps.