Technology Transfer of ram pump to a refugee’s enterprise

by Auke Idzenga

from AIDFI

Our solution

The solution of AIDFI is about the manufacturing and installation of the AIDFI ram pump by a refugee managed enterprise serving farms all over Rwanda where the geography is perfect for its application and where 70% of the population is engaged in agriculture. The ram pump fits the goal of the government to improve food security and advance agricultural development and the FAO’s recommendation of the use of simple technologies, with lower energy and minimum operation and maintenance requirement.

What's the business opportunity for host and refugee community

The idea of AIDFI is a win-win solution with a refugee-managed-social-enterprise manufacturing and installing the AIDFI model ram pump and components needed for the installations for irrigation and even drinking and thereby creating their own livelihood. The manufacturing will be supplied with local available materials and spare parts, benefiting the suppliers. The communities will tremendously benefit from the installation and will pay for the systems (from private funds, loans or grants).

How has it been implemented and what impact it had

AIDFI itself is manufacturing and installing its water powered, non-polluting and 24/7 operating ram pump model in isolated upland communities or farms. It has installed 520 systems benefitting some 260.000 people in the Philippines. The water supplied through the ram has helped farmers increase production and made diversification of crops possible at hardly any operational and repair and maintenance cost. Also, the local manufacturing and installation has created sustainable employment.

Our Skills and Experience

AIDFI has developed a crossbreed ram pump model for local manufacturing which is low cost but very efficient and with local available spare parts. Most technicians from AIDFI are from the grassroots themselves and understand the challenges of communities and have the passion to help them. AIDFI offers a complete technology transfer of the ram covering all aspects from survey, design, costing, manufacturing, installation and tuning. Transfers were done to Afghanistan, Nepal, Colombia and Mexico.