Transforming People's life through online business Learning

by Francois Nkurunziza

from Rwanda Digital Business Hub

Our solution

We are helping people to start successful businesses and Create more jobs to the jobless by using online business Learning Platform. The Platform is called "Rwanda Digital Business Hub" It is a business learning platform, ( whereby users learn from idea and grow successful business; he/she can be at the same time a student and/or an Instructor. Due to its functionality, it is beyond a learning platform, It is a business knowledge market place.

What's the business opportunity for host and refugee community

We believe that both refugees and host communities can be an instructor to share practical business skills and experience on the platform and get paid. And again, the platform will help both the refugees and host communities to learn practical income generating skills using notes, image and videos to empower them to start more businesses and creates more jobs. This platform is a virtual business class that will help both communities for business mentor-ship and coaching.

How has it been implemented and what impact it had

Rwanda Digital Business Hub has been implemented since July 2017. It is an online business learning platform, whereby user can register as student to learn practical business journey form idea to the successful business, it serves also as a knowledge marketplace where every one may open a teaching account to teach business online. Our services Includes: Since the beginning, The platform has been a business class to more than 500 students, and 145 out of them has started their own business.

Our Skills and Experience

Business consulting skills, Social Enterprise Management. I’m an Entrepreneur, A management consultant with a broad experience in grassroots entrepreneurship, and organizational transformation. I have been training youth community based cooperatives to transform their business ideas into businesses. And that experience and passion has pushed me to start an online entrepreneurial learning platform "Rwanda Digital Business Hub" ( to empower youth and women in business.