Creating jobs for refugees through project incubation

by Sylvain Himbana

from Uga-Honey

Our solution

SINA LOKETA (SINAL) seeks to fill the gap for the availability of jobs for marginalized youth and refugees by supporting them to discover their talents, gifts and what they are deeply passionate about and enabling them to create their own social ventures. Through professional and personal development skills, mentoring and entrepreneurship development skills training to unleash their potentials to become job creators.

What's the business opportunity for host and refugee community

The project has been piloted with 30 scholars both from host community and refugee camps, which trained and mentored over 10 startups in agriculture field. The host community is very happy to rent their farms to refugees and get jobs opportunities, which are giving them income to sustain themselves and their families and while creating food securities in host and refugee communities.

How has it been implemented and what impact it had

Since September 2017 the implementation of our programs started in bidibidi refugee settlement camp. Over 30 youths from host and refugee communities were trained and supported to create their own ventures and while improving the living conditions within their communities. The impact on the society in Uganda has been the founding of the 10 new social enterprises, which created over 60 new jobs and improved the life of over 1,000 individuals through their interventions, products and services.

Our Skills and Experience

I’m a refugee living in Uganda from DR Congo and I realized that refugees and marginalized youths have unique skills and experiences which sometimes nobody else has. A refugee child is better in position to create a solution for refugee kids than a PhD in psychology. I have a diploma in social work from Makerere University and a certificate in startups mentoring with world class skills in life coaching, project development, design thinking and mentoring from a well-known and recognized as SINA.