Talent Mapping, Internship Placement, and Advocacy

by Tamara Gondo soerijo

from Second chance initiative

Our solution

Talent Mapping, Internship Placement, and Advocacy. Identifying skills gap between refugees and host communities through research and survey. The research will be done by 7 refugee learning centers in Jakarta and Bogor to map out their respective community. Then, we connect the talented refugees with companies looking for labor. For advocacy in the long run, we partner with Academia to do a qualitative research to identify companies' attitude towards employment scheme

What's the business opportunity for host and refugee community

Businesses can benefit from refugee talents as a part of their CSR program/internship--providing entrepreneurial training or raising awareness/ support to refugees. Companies who do this will send a strong message to the government that host communities welcome them. Companies benefit from the diversity, skills and labor brought in by refugees. Refugees benefit monetarily from travel and food stipend, and skills training, and network of support for the next resettlement country.

How has it been implemented and what impact it had

We are at the talent mapping survey stage--collecting a sample size of 700-1000 in Greater Jakarta Area. Simultaneously, we are identifying potential business partners willing to test out volunteering internships (paying stipends to the refugees). Government are more likely to take notice with this partnership. We push for work right advocacy. The talent catalogue will be able to predict the economic divident if refugees are allowed to work.

Our Skills and Experience

- research introduction and data collection tool training (we work together with HOST International and Roshan Learning center as the main coordinator) - mobilizing partnering organizations to be involved - networking and pitching to potential business partners - strategizing talent matching and "livelihood" matching - understanding the legal landscape - Gathering stakeholders for final presentation of refugee skills and labor gap in Indonesia.