Education is the powerful weapon for future leaders.

by Raoul Ardy Manirakiza


Our solution

Education should be taken as a Business for young refugees who faces missing of opportunities to access higher degree institutions. It is not because they don't need to go to school it is just because of the situation that made them refugees which entertain poverty then lack of school fees. By providing education for young refugees, this can be a good start to teach young refugees leadership skills which is a powerful knowledge that will help them once they will return in their home country.

What's the business opportunity for host and refugee community

Access to School or University for young refugees in the country they asked for refuge is the best grant to remove in their mind that to be a refugee is just to stay in refugee camps and think that one day they will return in their home country to live again in their lands but the time won't stop by waiting peace in their home countries. It is the best time to enroll universities and gain degrees that will help young refugees get jobs, others exercise leadership skills in their home country.

How has it been implemented and what impact it had

The political crisis that endures Burundi made most of young burundians flee the country without completing school degrees. I realized by reading articles and leaders quotes that education for young refugees must be taken as a powerful weapon to use by providing leadership courses which will change young refugees into patriot leaders who faced the worst in refugee life but in need of the best for their country. Young refugees are the only ressource of future leaders in war countries.

Our Skills and Experience

As a Burundian refugee in Rwanda, I faced the lack of school fees and opportunities to aceess higher education institutions but I kept researching till the day I got a grant for my first year of undergraduate studies. By reading some articles and watching news, I saw that in ten years the number of refugees will increase not only by fleeing war also hunger and poverty. Young refugee must have access to school and study all global goals to prevent this before it will be too late.