Wasted plastic into fuel using homemade materials

by Andy Nyenimigabo


Our solution

Construct self mini pyrolysis reactors with homemade materials to transform collected wasted plastics into fuel that can be used for cooking or any other purpose. Pyrolysis is a thermochemical decomposition of organic material at elevated temperature without the participation of oxygen. To construct a prototype pyrolysis reactor, we need to: 1.Build a robust leak-proof reactor chamber 2.Build a condensation tube of copper, steel, or aluminum 3.Build a system to collect the mixture of products

What's the business opportunity for host and refugee community

The main goal is to develop integration of refugees in their community. Both sides will benefits economically and environmentally as the cities will be clean as the refugees will have the feedback of their work ( green energy,money, … ).

How has it been implemented and what impact it had

Mini reactors produce small amount of fuel but it has the advantage to be easily build by anyone who is well explained. So the purpose is to teach small groups of refugees how to build them and therefore also become teachers. Imagine the potential of productivity if every family in a camp has its own reactor.

Our Skills and Experience

As a Burundian refugee in Rwanda who is an undergraduate student,I have succeeded building a prototype in Burundi in 2015 when I was a student in High School. I would like to share my experience with others and also get helped by experts to improve my work. This solution has been implemented by enterprises in England and Syria. My reactor produces an average of 0.75 l of fuel for 1 kg of wasted plastic.This solution is simple, economically viable and "green" as well.