Portable water for health and business in remote areas

by Ricardo Braun

from Empowering people. Network https://petrusfilter.wordpress.com/petrusfilter-history/

Our solution

A normal human being can not live more that 3 days out of water. Our solution focus on Portable Water Purification Systems (Plastic Bag Water Filters) for remote settlements and emergency situations in Africa and other continents.

What's the business opportunity for host and refugee community

Clean water for remote settlements can be obtained through several ways. Petrusfilter® has developed several solutions ranging from reused PET bottles to standup pouches. These water filters are easy to assemble. Local host communities could produce such portable water filters for refugees. The refugees in turn could learn how to produce these water filters in order to commercialise them in the future.

How has it been implemented and what impact it had

To provide access to potable water for people in remote and resource-limited settings. The Petrusfilter® has been tested in several environments around the world. Both the reused PET filters and the Saco Filters could also be implemented in several countries.

Our Skills and Experience

I enjoy very much to develop participatory design: identifying and framing problems in local communities, co-designing solutions, scketchmodeling prototyping and showcasing solutions. All of this for a better world.