Empowering businesses to drive commerce

by Rutiyomba Christian

from Go ltd https://agrigo.rw/

Our solution

Agri-Business ventures of Refugees don't have access to market information about where they can sell their produce. And this will be more painful for businesses dealing with highly perishables where goods need to be laid off as soon as possible. The solution is a USSD application linking businesses to customers via mobile. Using the short code *950#, businesses will be able to publish their stock and customers, using the same code, will be able to place demands and pay instantly with no hussle.

What's the business opportunity for host and refugee community

Information on customers and ruling prices enable refugee farmers make planting decisions in line with hosting community's consumer demand, and enhances negotiation power of refugees because they can easily compare prices, thereby increasing profits substantially. This Uber like business model, but of Agricultural produce, where sellers are Refugees and buyers are consumers in host communities will revolutionize the way business is done by replacing inefficient linear models to network models

How has it been implemented and what impact it had

The solution has not yet been used in refugee camps, fortunately though, it has had positive feedback from farmers, traders, investors and policymakers.

Our Skills and Experience

Go ltd is an accredited issuer of the .RW domain. Our start up is made up local and international software developers who have a wide understanding of the FinTech sector. We have secured partnership with all telecommunication companies in Rwanda; two banks and a few big farmer cooperatives.