.professional manufacturing of bakery and pastries

by israel tuyizere


Our solution

my solution is based on manufacturing of bakery and pastries at affordable price as the solution that will strengthen the business exchange between refugees and local community and will solve the problem of hunger and meet the people's need . in fact bakery and pastries have the large markets and it's simple to produce it because, it requires cheap raw materials

What's the business opportunity for host and refugee community

my solution will strengthen the business exchange in the following ways; many people needs bakery and pastries in their daily life as the fast food. many people will generate income from this business because there are availability of large markets of bakery and pastries like; local kiosks , super markets,.... in addition this business will create job opportunities in huge number of people for example; manufactures, transporters of the products depend on bookings, sellers-marketing team,...

How has it been implemented and what impact it had

it has implemented in our village with the little capital of 20,000 Rwandan franc (RWF) after four days i got 8,000 Rwandan franc (RWF) as the net profit, i have got this profit from the local kiosk seller and people around who bought my product so, this shows that this business is very favorable for the refugees and host communities ( the profit i have got here,i was at the beginning of the project)

Our Skills and Experience

firstly, i am a young Rwandan citizen, this means that i am able to work and communicate effectively with the people on site. i also have skills in culinary art and production of bakery and pastries. i got this upgrading experience in the culinary art training supported by GIZ in the program called economy and employment (eco-emploi) on 03-21/09/2018 at Musanze-Rwanda and i got professional certificate. i also have diploma in tourism