Economic Integration by Training, Incubating and Mentoring

by Rya G. Kuewor

from RIO (Refugee Integration Organisation)

Our solution

Our solution is a 3 part model where (1), refugee businesses are co-designed with refugees, (2), are funded based on what they are and the areas of society they are meant to serve, and (3), are mentored for 6 to 12 months to ensure sustainability. We fund refugee businesses such as motorbike delivery systems and small farms. Small percentages of the businesses go into the next refugee business so the economy feeds of itself.

What's the business opportunity for host and refugee community

Per our pilots, the local community see the refugees as contributing to the economy and not simply living off the state (which is regarded as tax payers money). The local community is also happy to pay for motorbike transportation from market to town and other places because of its convenience. The refugees are also able to participate in local economic activities such as selling vegetables from their in-camp farm in the local market. The recognition of an effort fosters a harmonious coexistence

How has it been implemented and what impact it had

It was piloted with 5 refugees and was run for several weeks. The programme was a success in which there was social acceptance of the refugees working within the township, and further, good profit was made. Profit that could be put into other refugees businesses and projects. The impact was social acceptance, livelihood for the refugees, and a steady income.

Our Skills and Experience

I have worked in higher and marginalised education for 7 years now, and with refugees for 6 years. I have spent time in the Krisan and Ampain camps, and have worked with refugees from the Dadaab, Krisan, and Ampain camps, as well as migrants from the Cidade De Deus favela in Brazil. I have a post graduate certificate in social innovation management know French, English, German, Hausa, and other languages from Ghana and Togo. I have designed and developed language and culture relevant courses.