Make Research,Facilitation, and Policy and Advocacy

by Etienne Musabyimana


Our solution

I would like to work together with others who have willingness and compassion to move private capital from commitment to active investment by sourcing, structuring, and supporting the financing of projects and companies that benefit refugees and host communities. And also have aims to bridge the gap between the untapped entrepreneurial potential of refugees and capital markets to spur economic growth, create jobs, and increase socio-economic stability among displaced people. Because refugees are

What's the business opportunity for host and refugee community

Because creating and expanding economic growth for refugees in host countries, private investors and capital are often missing from the equation. I see again both an enormous need and opportunity to increase deal flow by working with groups from all sides investors, governments, donors, host and refugee populations to improve better understanding of how to navigate the investment climate and mitigate associated risks to capital and the targeted populations especially refugees.

How has it been implemented and what impact it had

Create investment deals that produce over one million new jobs and measurably improve the livelihood opportunities for refugees and their host communities.It can give them access to services or assistance and can foster freedom of movement to make them more independent and support asylum seekers remains the responsibility of host communities. It Also to co-operate with the eldest of refugees and host communities families in the marketing process.

Our Skills and Experience

Because refugees are people with specific needs who require targeted interventions? It is a must to be a prerequisite for the provision of food or other forms of assistance to persons of concern to save the health and life before doing other business with them. To this it better to work as partner with WFP and UNHCR maybe in the transport or distribution of product need to access to the each family and connect them to the market from the host communities for exchange the goods and money currency