Making charcoal from waste,refugees become real entrepreneur


from INDIVIDUAL file/56314/44754....., tomake briquettes from daily waste at households, report

Our solution

My solution is based on making Charcoal from waste like agricultural production waste, papers, all useless scrap papers and other none metal and plastics tools. Making this Charcoal from waste in refugees's camp will give the producers (refugees) the money for their needs and become self-dependent economically to satisfy their needs. The transformed charcoal from waste will be sold to the community host which means trading and economic exchange between refugees and community host.

What's the business opportunity for host and refugee community

My solution strengthens the business and economic exchange between refugees and community host because, refugees will need raw materials (those waste), they will get them from community for such price or agreements and after transforming these waste into usable Charcoal, they will sold them in community host for using them as household energy. there is an exchange of goods or services between refugees and community host which will increase the social cohesion and reduce the problem of waste.

How has it been implemented and what impact it had

This project was implemented in UGANDA in Kampala city suburb called Bwaise. it is implemented by collecting none plastics metal and polyester waste and make them dry. then burnt, the ashes mixed by cassava porridge or other flour and put in machine which transform this mix of ashes and porridge into balls or briquettes for shaping them. Charcoal briquettes helped women who made them to get money for their home expenses, they become entrepreneurs and offered energy in community and reduce waste

Our Skills and Experience

Really, after getting an idea of making charcoal from waste, i started doing the test of how are made, by now i am able and experienced on how to transform waste into usable charcoal. so, my skills on making these charcoal from waste papers, glasses and other none plastics and metal waste, would help you to implement this project in community site.,,,