by Constantin HAVUGARUREMA

from ISOKO LIFE CENTER https://youtu.be/kcmJlFRCL_E

Our solution

Training Young Refugges in Cosmetology and modern farming that will enable them to become financially independent by giving them training in micro projects such as: 1 Cosmetology -soaps,jelly,detergents making) and selling them within the camps and in the hosting community. 2. Modern farming: among other needs ,food security is a merge alarming need in the Refugees camps, the received monthly support their get can not allow family to get balanced diet.

What's the business opportunity for host and refugee community

After have learnt, the refugees will become our direct products distributors and earn commercial percentage on sold stocks, the host community is among the targeted buyers . the modern faming course teaches beneficiaries how to plants (seasons vegetables &fruits and mushrooms ( on a small space) with multiple harvest with will supplement their food stock along the year but will also create an immediate market linkage with the hosting surrounding communities

How has it been implemented and what impact it had

we have implemented the same program in the refugee livehood strategy pilote project conducted in KIZIBA and MAHAMA camps where 250 selected beneficiaries have benefited from a 60 days training on industrial cottage skills (washing soap,liquid soap , jelly ,candle making and business entrepreneurship.ISOKO life center has selected the top 20 beneficiaries to become our direct product distributers earning 15% on sales . refer: http://www.unhcr.org/rw/12173-midimar-unhcr-joint-strategy-partners

Our Skills and Experience

ISOKO LIFE CENTER is a socio enterprise that offer various business oriented skills for the past 5 years we have a professional team that conducts different mobiles trainnigs on: -Agri-business ( modern farming and post harverst management courses, food dehydration ,conservation, branding and more.. -Industrial cottage : soaps and other detergent making with the cold process (Considering the energy conservation) -business skills (such us book keeping,business branding, networking,finance)