by munyemana eric

from individual

Our solution

my solution is kuloiler chicken farming with egg incubator this is a farming of chicken from Indian these are for eggs and meet but to grow bigger and quickly this farming we will need egg incubator that will help us in eggs hatching. this type is productive than usually and its Resistant on disease is high also consume few food compare with others. here egg incubator will help them to get more production in short time . compare with others an egg of this type cost 300frw other is 100frw.

What's the business opportunity for host and refugee community

everyday hotels,restaurant and individuals need white meet and eggs comes from chicken also others need to start their own chicken farming they will buy all in camp because of high production of this chickens type.to get more connection they can open office where you can get information and advise about their services and they can help them in hatching on few Money payed once time as membership. these chickens has good manure they will sell it on host community and help them in other needs

How has it been implemented and what impact it had

in my family we are already implemented this farming of kuloiler chicken and incubator now help me to finish my university and is already change the life of neighbors.this solution it will change life of refuge camp and prevent them to wait fund from no where also will create many job prevent them to put their hand in the pocket, for host community it time wait for money from refuge come to buy food for chicken this will also create friendship and connection in both. where they are no mosquito

Our Skills and Experience

my experience first am Rwandan it is to communicate with refuge show them how to implement this project and how to use incubator also am already finish my university in IPRC KIGALI in mechanical engineering in option of air conditionning and refregiration this also can help me to communicate with GIZ leaders and i have experience in kuloiler chicken farming that is the one will help me to show them how they will feed the chicken and how they will make food them self.