by Zachariah Omweri

from Kenyatta University

Our solution

This solution involves the blending of various fruits and vegetables to locally manufacture soap products that are cheap, suiting and with both anti-ageing medicinal value. The soap product is majorly a combination of onions, cucumbers, and lemon, whose solutions are mixed at different volumetric ratios and once fully settled, they form a local soap detergent that is highly effective, medicinal and cheap. Other ingredients such as cabbage, Neem tree and aloe Vera can also be added.

What's the business opportunity for host and refugee community

This solution has great potential to strengthen business exchange between refugees and host communities in various ways which can promote integration and business growth. First, the host communities can sub-let their lands to the refugees who then farm onions, cucumbers, cabbage, and lemons. They then use them as food products and at the same time raw materials for manufacture of soap products which can be sold locally and regionally. The business proceeds can profit both parties through shares.

How has it been implemented and what impact it had

This business model has been practiced in Kisii County of Kenya, where a group of local women empowerment has taken it upon themselves to manufacture these soap products from local fruits. The business is catching up momentum and is currently benefiting the local women in obtaining soap locally, cheaply and above all, it is earning them great business value through sell of the surplus soap. If the solution is adapted by refugees and host communities, it has the potential for business growth.

Our Skills and Experience

While a student of environmental studies at Kenyatta University, I worked as an environmental intern at the National Environmnet Trust Fund (NETFUND), Kenya. During one of their Green Innovation Fund scouting campaigns, I was sent to Kisii County to conduct a scouting exerciese. This is when I met with Ms Jane Akeyo. She had an idea but upon sharing, I been advising her on how it can improve through my online research. She picked it and it has since grown into a great business model regionally.