by alice muhirwa Hirwa

from Treasured Resources LTd

Our solution

Training Refugees families on recycling kitchen scarps and adapted permaculture technics that will positively impact refugees food security and create extras harvest into sales in their hosting communities. we also provide start up business accelerator programs that offer entrepreneurship course and business scalability ; we provide free expose space in our business talk show on start up business TV talk show that we host.

What's the business opportunity for host and refugee community

During training Cooperatives will be formed for easy integration and monitoring both groups benefits from harvest and sales ;(2) Direct Market open for both. (3) Employment for the dehydration plan installation for post harvest adding value producing (dried Strawberry,pinaple,season concombre ) traveller snack pack can even be sold to airlines . (4) Distribution agents from both groups will benefit a %on sales more detail in the business model :

How has it been implemented and what impact it had

we have implemented the same project in Kayonza with boarding school where we teach the kitchen staff to not throw (tomato scalp,capcicum,concomber, seeds, and teach them how to recycle them into plants and we make seedlings to be replanted in small garden or used home equipments like old basins, cloths,shoes,old flasks.we initiated the environmental school club ; pupils were engaged into growing their own vegetables that has increased the quality of food and lowered the food school spendings.

Our Skills and Experience

I have been a coordinator of rural development projects in elementary training center for 3 years, where we were traing different law income earners business projects , Treasured resources LTd has a passion into agri-business innovative technologies , we conducted an animal feed calculator App project and mixing poultry livestock , 2) 3)